Peter Gundlach. Founder of M4P Mail Mobil +47 909 11 032 CV: Peter Gundlach at LinkedIn

M4P is a Norwegian company offering project and quality management, innovation and coaching on your location. M4P has broad experience from green energies, aluminium, automotive and oil&gas industries.
Focus area is industry in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

Project Management
M4P is specialised on managing challenging projects like development of new technology, new products or processes.

M4P is efficient to bring your new idea to a commercial value.

Coaching and mentoring
M4P offers coaching of individuals or teams bringing the best potential out of  one.

M4P is certified SCI mentor through empowering people in Kristiansand

Sailing events
As a NEW theme, M4P will be offering sailing events on Kristiansand Byfjord. The events will take place during the evenings and/or during week ends. Call me for b ooking and more details.