You are the expert and owner of your idea. M4P can help and guide you with the process bringing the idea to the market. M4P can do the administrative of the work leaving you more time to develop the idea itself.

Innovation is bringing good ideas and creativity to commercial value. This is done in a combination of systematic work ensuring high quality of the innovation process and creativity working with the actual product.

The basis for innovation is the V-model. Customer needs are decomposed into measurable requirements and test procedures for verification. The actual development work is to find a solution (product) fulfilling all the requirements. Finally the solution is validated with the customer ensuring fit for purpose. The list of requirements is an excellent communicating tool helping to ensure alignment with customers and stake holders.

TRIS is used as one of the main tools finding solutions. TRIZ is an efficient tool to be systematic and creative in the same process. Systematic in the way to decompose a complex problem into many smaller problems, creative in the way to solve all the small problems and bringing them all back to one solution. Decomposing the problems is a perfect match with the requirements in V-model.

M4P has long experience transforming product ideas into production and profitable business. The design of the products need to be developed for production ensuring robust and efficient fabrication processes. This minimises waste and increases profit.